[COPYWRITING] Internal educational email about Data Leakage to staff of a major bank in the UAE

VISUAL: Arabic Warrior (reference Google) holding Himaya shield

HEADLINE: The enemy is within!

SUBHEAD: Data leaks mainly happen from inside. Learn how to protect our company’s data and avoid regulatory action.


PARAGRAPH TITLE: What is Data leakage?

Data leakage is the unauthorized transmission of data from within an organization to an external destination or recipient either physically or digitally. This has a huge impact on organizations ranging from loss of brand reputation and other financial implications due to loss of customers’ confidence and penalties by regulators.

PARAGRAPH TITLE: Examples of Data leaks in major industries

In the financial sector, more than 2.4 million records of Dow Jones were exposed in March 2019. A third party leaked the data of Dow Jones’ watchlist of risky individuals and businesses to a public server.

In the public sector in 2019, an employee of the Oregon Department of Human Services opened a phishing link and revealed his credentials to cyber criminals. This helped hackers to get emails and personally identifiable information of 645,000 people.

PARAGRAPH TITLE: Regulatory actions by the Central Bank and government

We are legally obliged to protect the confidentiality of customers’ information as contained in the

Customer-Bank Services Agreement.

It is our duty as employees to secure ADIB’s information and ADIB customer data. Any staff who fails to fulfil their duty will face disciplinary consequences, or legal actions and ADIB is required to report cases investigated to Central Bank of UAE.

PARAGRAPH TITLE: How to prevent Data leakage

Data protection can be done at every level in the organization.

You can take simple steps to avoid data leakage. Ask these questions before sharing any information or data:

– Do you need to send all this data, can you filter it to remove unnecessary information?

– Did I discuss it with my manager?

– Who is the data owner?

– Did you get the approval of the data owner to share?

– Can I add a password to the document?

PARAGRAPH TITLE: Know _____ Data sharing Policy. Watch this educational video

As per ______ policy, all information or data regarding ____ or its business cannot be shared outside _____! 

We have categorized our data into the following self-explanatory classifications:

1. Secret: Strategy Documents, Intellectual Property

2. Confidential: Account statements, Customer personal information, Payroll & Incentives, Login credentials/ passwords

3. Internal: Policies & Procedures, Internal Emails, Training Material

4. Public: Published Marketing Brochures, Hoardings and Ads

Please take appropriate care when dealing with the above types of data.

PARAGRAPH TITLE: In conclusion

Data is becoming increasingly valuable and most vital assets to businesses. Data breaches have affected numerous industries around the world as we saw in the above examples.

No matter how big or small, data leakages may have a huge impact on organizations ranging from loss of brand reputation and other financial implications due to loss of customers’ confidence and penalties by regulators.

To eliminate data leakage in our organisation, we should always remember that each one of us is  accountable. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse. You need to be aware. Together as Team ____, we all are data owners and are responsible for our organisation’s data.

For any clarifications, please contact:_________________________________

Be Security Smart, Stay Vigilant!

[COPYWRITING] My tenure as a WordPress Happiness Engineer trial

Two of the support emails from among the many that I had written to WordPress users during my  WordPress Happiness Engineer Trial at Automattic where I had worked remotely for a month.

Hi Ann,

Hope you are fine. My answers below :

1. Our Pets page

Oh my! You had to stay up all night to fix this page and it disappeared! Sorry that you had to go through this.

Actually, WordPress.com autosaves your post/page every few seconds as you type. You can read about it here:

Under MY SITE > SITE PAGES >, I found three “Our Pets” pages:

My Pets Page

One was created a month ago and has a short write-up.

The other page was created three days ago and is empty.

The third page was created “a day ago” and has got a more detailed write-up. This page is the one that appears on your main menu.

2. Gravatar

From my experience, Gravatar changes take some time to show up, so we could give it some more time. 

Or you could try clearing your browser cache (cache stores and displays older pages so as to speed up browsing).

You can see this link for steps on clearing your browser cache. Do this only if you have time.

3. Drafts

There is a DRAFTS section for your Blog Posts (see screenshot below).


There is a similar section for your Site Pages ( go to My Sites > Site Pages and see the top bar above the list of pages).

Site Pages Draft folder

There is an interesting discussion regarding Drafts in the WordPress.com forums and a very useful reply by a WordPress.com Happiness Engineer, Do read when you have the time:


4. Revisions

Did you know that WordPress.com saves up to 25 revisions of your page or post? You can also access these revisions and compare what were the changes made in each of the revision, and also restore and publish a revision.

You can read this link when you have some time to know more about revisions:

I saw the screenshot from your phone that you had attached. Will check what could have caused that error.

You can install our WordPress.com iOS app (search in the App Store for WordPress) and log in with your WordPress.com account and update your site from your phone.

Hope your laptop is operational now.

I know that I have shared a lot of information above. Do read the links whenever you get time. We can work on things step by step.

Email back or get on chat to get anyone of us to help.




Happiness Engineer

Hi Ann,

Glad to hear that the verification has gone through.

Kudos to your patience and hard work!

Regarding your query on how to re-order your menu items, you can follow the step-by-step screenshots below:

Step 1

Go to My Sites > Themes > Customize

Menu Reordering

Step 2

Click Menus

Menu Reordering

Step 3

Click Primary. This will display all the menu items that are currently in your Primary Menu.

Menu Reordering

Step 4

To remove duplicate menu items, click on the black arrow next to the menu item title. This will expand the menu item and reveal more options.

Menu Reordering

Step 5

Click Remove. This will remove the menu item.

Menu Reordering

Step 6

To re-order menu items, for example, to move Home to the top of the menu tree above About Me, click and keep the cursor pressed on Home.

Menu Reordering

Step 7

Keep the cursor pressed and drag the Home menu item to the position above About Me and release the cursor. This should now position Home on the top of the menu tree.

Menu Reordering

Let me know if the above was clear and helpful. I can assist further.




Happiness Engineer

[TODAY AT WORK] [UX] Using Camtasia Studio and Step Shot Guides

Turned out to be a very interesting day.

Finally started using Camtasia Studio and Step Shot Guides – two great screen recording and screenshot steps recording apps I had bought at bargain prices at AppSumo (an online deals website for Web Professionals and Entrepreneurs).

Camtasia Studio

I had purchased the Camtasia Studio License in 2015 and found that it was only valid for version 8…the most current version is 9. But still it turned out to be a great learning experience using it.

I had to record the purchasing process on our website of various products and share improvements. Camtasia Studio made it very easy. Though I was not asked to present in a particular format, with Camtasia I could capture the entire flow as a video, edit and mark screens where the experience could be improved using captions and callouts (a sample screenshot above). The learning curve was quite minimal and the interface was very intuitive and quick to use. 

When you export the videos as mp4, the rendering time is a bit steep depending on the length of the video. but worth the waiting time.

The product owner found the video very helpful. Guess videos are more communicative about the actual process than screenshots.

Step Shot Guides

I also decided to capture one of the purchasing process using Step Shot Guides – a very easy to use ‘process and steps’ recorder. I had bought this as a lifetime deal on AppSumo, I think for around $49.

The cool thing about Step Shot Guides was that at every mouse click, a screenshot is taken and finally all are presented to you in a PowerPoint style interface, where you can add your comments on the screenshots you want. A sample screenshot below:

From their website:

StepShot Guides

A neat cross-platform instrument for bloggers, students, and training specialists who are sick and tired of spending hours on explaining how things work.

  • automate process capturing through automatic screenshots and text data generation;
  • annotate screenshots in bulks;
  • Exporting to PDF document or presentation or publish to WordPress to make your guide available online. 

The above two tools are great for UX / customer support /documentation work. I totally got into the flow and optimal zone when learning and using them. I had to give in around 3 processes by the end of the day and managed to meet the deadline.

What tools do you use for your process/screen capture? Would be great to know. Do share in the comments.

[UX] Examples of online down selling

Here is how two online companies – LinkedIn.com (needs no introduction) and DealFuel.com (an online shop for web designers and digital marketers to get great deals on tools and courses), apply the following down sell offers when their customers unsubscribe:

LinkedIn down sell offer:


DealFuel.com down sell offer:


Both of them give a 50% off on the subscription fee for a period or forever which could entice customers to stay back.

How art direction can make a great difference to the idea in the headline or copy

Here are a few examples where I was had come up with creative headlines for marketing communication briefs that was approved by the clients for their on-target content. I’ll be writing down the incidents as I remember them:

Working in an advertising agency, we had account executives who had gathered a brief from the client for a particular product or service. The account executives then tried to convey to us creatives, in the best possible way, what the client wanted to communicate to his target audience/customers.


(TVS-Electronics Range of Dot-Matrix Printers were India's largest selling business standard printers)

One time, for TVS-Electronics range of Dot Matrix printers, the account executive wanted us to come up with a creative headline that could communicate that the TVS-Electronics Range of Dot-Matrix Printers were India’s largest selling business standard printers. After brainstorming with the team and the execs, I came up with “Bestsellers in Print!”

The team liked it and the Art Director immediately started working on a layout. My idea for the visual was the printers stacked together maybe vertically like books, but sadly they wanted to give the layout in the same day and that was the end of it.

This is where tasteful art direction would have complemented the headline and the advertisement would have been impactful.




(MSP 345 gives high-quality prints but at lower ink costs.)

This was again for TVS-Electronics Dot Matrix printers. This time the client wanted to communicate that one of their printers- the MSP 345 could give high-quality prints but at lower ink costs. I came up with the line “Executive Class at Economy Price!” and wanted this line to go with the visual of the side profile of the printer angled like a passenger seat in an air flight and a business executive reclining on it! But no, that was too much work and we had to go with the below 🙁



(TCMS has built wide network of branches founded on time-tested values of reliability, honesty and transparency.)

I came up with this headline for 21st Century Management Services company when they wanted to communicate that they had a wide number of branches and their values were reliability, honesty and transparency). 



How would you as an Art Director or Designer approached the above headlines? Do let me know in the comments. You’re also invited to art direct maybe as an exercise for your portfolio. Do share your ideas.