[MUSIC PRODUCTION] Electronic Music Creation

Before 2012, my digital music creation tools were:

Instruments: CTK-731 Casio Synthesizer, Copyright free sound samples

PC Software used: Brambos Tuareg 2.1, Cool Edit, Goldwave, Multiquence, Audacity

After I got my first iPhone 4s in December 2011, I started experimenting with a lot of iOS apps for music creation. Later upgraded to iPhone 5s in 2015.  Some of the main apps I have used and liked are:

  • Animoog – excellent to create melody tracks and play lead sections
  • Drumjam (Pete Lockett’s app) – excellent for very Indian folk drum patterns
  • Garageband for iOS – where I mix all the tracks and add other instrument tracks
  • Figure (by Propellerhead) – love the ease with which you can create synth basslines  and drum loops
  • iMaschine
  • Orphinio – cool gong, bells and hang sounds

Later in 2016, got access to my brother’s iMac and invested in iRig Midi keyboard and used Garageband to create a few tracks.

All the tracks I had ever composed since 1988 – the good sounding ones are all uploaded in Sound Cloud (link below) under my pseudonym Swarlok Ohms (just a play on Sherlock Holmes – Swar is sanskrit for sound, lok is again sanskrit for world and Ohms of course is a unit used for audio measurement).

Latest tracks by SwarlokOhms

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