[DESIGN] Coming up with a brand name, tag line and logo mascot for a recording studio

umeshp February 12, 2018
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A friend, Achyuth Kesavan, wanted a brand name for a recording studio and a mascot/logo.

It struck me that his initials – A.K. were the starting letters of the word “acoustics”.

I suggested the name “AKoustics” to him and came up with the mascot of a night owl (he was a fan of A.R. Rahman who was famous for carrying out his production and composing works during nights only). The owl was formed by recording studio gear – midi keyboards, microphone, multi-track recorder etc. Designed it in Illustrator – all the elements of the owl were created from scratch.

Also came up with a tagline – “purity of sound redefined” – corporate cheesy I fear…but I think it was only an option and not sure if he used it.




One more version with the microphone base replaced with a tripod like base that looked more like the claws of an owl.

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