[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Ideating, writing and creating posters for Dubai Music School events

Took the opportunity to do some pro-bono work for the Dubai Music School’s events.

Used Adobe Ilustrator for these designs:

1. Sunshine Festival

Used a clipart of the sun and the microphone but created the illustrations of the headset and balloons.  The illustrations at the bottom of the characters, found them in an old children’s book, scanned them and inserted them into the layout.


2. Friendship Concert

Created this in Illustrator. Used clipart for the electric guitar and viola (or is it a cello?) – a melding of  genres to symbolize the Friendship Concert.

3. Music Fest Concert

Created in Illustrator. Manually drew the man and woman figurines, the microphone and globe were clipart but I added the colour and eyes to the globe for the smiley.





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