[PRESS RELEASE] – Travels Tu Earth

In the years 1999-2002,  a Dutch programmer Bram Bos, had created a popular music creation software which he had christened Tuareg.

A community of music creators had grown around this well-designed and simple to use software.

One of the creators wanted to put out a CD titled –  “Travels Tu Earth” –  of the community’s creations using Tuareg. This project was called GlobalNomads.net (now defunct).

I offered to write the Press Release for this initiative which was used by the team to announce the launch.


GlobalNomads.net releases ‘Travels Tu Earth’

The world’s first ‘Global Music’ album of home-made music
by web musicians

 Welcome to the Age of Home-made, ‘Global Music’!

GlobalNomads.net, a website dedicated to software-based web musicians, today announced the release of the first of its kind music album – ‘Travels Tu Earth’.

‘Travels Tu Earth’ features a new genre, aptly called ‘Global’ music. The ‘Tu ‘ in the title stands for Tuareg – a revolutionary music software (available only on the Internet), created by ace Dutch programmer and musician Bram Bos, who has a dedicated fan following of web musicians from around the globe.

The album has tracks composed by these web musicians, entirely from their homes and distributed and shared through the Internet. This is what makes this music album a visionary concept. Both the album title and cover design was a collaborative effort by the different members of the Tuareg group.

Bruce, multimedia artist, web musician and the webmaster of GlobalNomads.net explains thus, “The ‘Tribe of Tu’ (the musicians involved), are primarily private musicians from around the globe who simply wish to share a vision.  The vision has manifested itself in the form of an album centered around the idea of ‘Global Music’. Electronic music brewed by indoor musicians around the world is a growing, beautiful thing, and it is our purpose, or agenda, to share the goal of musical self-expression by contributing something substantial to aspiring artists as well as listeners.”

The concept was arrived after numerous discussions at the Tuareg Yahoo group and it was decided that the theme of the album would be about travels and journeys through different cultures of the world and hence the title – Travels Tu Earth. Musicians contributing to the album were asked to stick to the theme, their compositions reflecting their travels in different parts of the world. An ancient oriental engraving of dancing celestials was chosen for the cover of the album to reflect the global cultural roots of the album.

In these days of excessive greed ruling the music industry which is dominated by giant recording companies, the Tu Team has a loftier vision. As Rick, a talented electronic musician, who is the CD producer and project director, puts it across clearly, “Once all of the bills are paid, the profit from this CD release is reserved to help a person or persons in a developing nation to purchase PC hardware and software for home music recording, thus freeing music from the constraints of economy & industry, and giving selected persons who can’t afford the equipment a chance to express themselves through the electronic medium.”

Bruce sees it as a seed being planted, a seed with a great potential to help nurture the idea of self-expression through the electronic realm. According to him, there couldn’t be a nobler purpose than spreading the joy and creativity of home PC music recording for the sake of it and uniting the common people of the world as a force existing solely to create beauty in sound and explore new musical landscapes.

‘Travels Tu Earth’ could very well be the future of what the Internet and MP3s have evolved music into. Welcome to the Age of Home made Global music!

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