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[COPYWRITING] Creative headlines I had written for print advertisements

Here are a few examples where I was had come up with creative headlines for marketing communication briefs that was approved by the clients for their on-target content. I’ll be writing down the incidents as I remember them:

Working in an advertising agency, we had account executives who had gathered a brief from the client for a particular product or service. The account executives then tried to convey to us creatives, in the best possible way, what the client wanted to communicate to his target audience/customers.


(TVS-Electronics Range of Dot-Matrix Printers were India's largest selling business standard printers)

One time, for TVS-Electronics range of Dot Matrix printers, the account executive wanted us to come up with a creative headline that could communicate that the TVS-Electronics Range of Dot-Matrix Printers were India’s largest selling business standard printers. After brainstorming with the team and the execs, I came up with “Bestsellers in Print!”

The team liked it and the Art Director immediately started working on a layout. My idea for the visual was the printers stacked together maybe vertically like books, but sadly they wanted to give the layout in the same day and that was the end of it.

This is where tasteful art direction would have complemented the headline and the advertisement would have been impactful.


(MSP 345 gives high-quality prints but at lower ink costs.)

This was again for TVS-Electronics Dot Matrix printers. This time the client wanted to communicate that one of their printers- the MSP 345 could give high-quality prints but at lower ink costs. I came up with the line “Executive Class at Economy Price!” and wanted this line to go with the visual of the side profile of the printer angled like a passenger seat in an air flight and a business executive reclining on it! But no, that was too much work and we had to go with the below 🙁


(TCMS has built wide network of branches founded on time-tested values of reliability, honesty and transparency.)

I came up with this headline for 21st Century Management Services company when they wanted to communicate that they had a wide number of branches and their values were reliability, honesty and transparency).

How would you as an Art Director or Designer approached the above headlines? Do let me know in the comments. You’re also invited to art direct maybe as an exercise for your portfolio. Do share your ideas.

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