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My tenure as a WordPress Happiness Engineer trial

Two of the support emails from among the many that I had written to WordPress users during my  WordPress Happiness Engineer Trial at Automattic where I had worked remotely for a month.

Hi Ann,

Hope you are fine. My answers below :

1. Our Pets page

Oh my! You had to stay up all night to fix this page and it disappeared! Sorry that you had to go through this.

Actually, autosaves your post/page every few seconds as you type. You can read about it here:

Under MY SITE > SITE PAGES >, I found three “Our Pets” pages:

My Pets Page

One was created a month ago and has a short write-up.

The other page was created three days ago and is empty.

The third page was created “a day ago” and has got a more detailed write-up. This page is the one that appears on your main menu.

2. Gravatar

From my experience, Gravatar changes take some time to show up, so we could give it some more time. 

Or you could try clearing your browser cache (cache stores and displays older pages so as to speed up browsing).

You can see this link for steps on clearing your browser cache. Do this only if you have time.

3. Drafts

There is a DRAFTS section for your Blog Posts (see screenshot below).


There is a similar section for your Site Pages ( go to My Sites > Site Pages and see the top bar above the list of pages).

Site Pages Draft folder

There is an interesting discussion regarding Drafts in the forums and a very useful reply by a Happiness Engineer, Do read when you have the time:

4. Revisions

Did you know that saves up to 25 revisions of your page or post? You can also access these revisions and compare what were the changes made in each of the revision, and also restore and publish a revision.

You can read this link when you have some time to know more about revisions:

I saw the screenshot from your phone that you had attached. Will check what could have caused that error.

You can install our iOS app (search in the App Store for WordPress) and log in with your account and update your site from your phone.

Hope your laptop is operational now.

I know that I have shared a lot of information above. Do read the links whenever you get time. We can work on things step by step.

Email back or get on chat to get anyone of us to help.




Happiness Engineer

Hi Ann,

Glad to hear that the verification has gone through.

Kudos to your patience and hard work!

Regarding your query on how to re-order your menu items, you can follow the step-by-step screenshots below:

Step 1

Go to My Sites > Themes > Customize

Menu Reordering

Step 2

Click Menus

Menu Reordering

Step 3

Click Primary. This will display all the menu items that are currently in your Primary Menu.

Menu Reordering

Step 4

To remove duplicate menu items, click on the black arrow next to the menu item title. This will expand the menu item and reveal more options.

Menu Reordering

Step 5

Click Remove. This will remove the menu item.

Menu Reordering

Step 6

To re-order menu items, for example, to move Home to the top of the menu tree above About Me, click and keep the cursor pressed on Home.

Menu Reordering

Step 7

Keep the cursor pressed and drag the Home menu item to the position above About Me and release the cursor. This should now position Home on the top of the menu tree.

Menu Reordering

Let me know if the above was clear and helpful. I can assist further.




Happiness Engineer

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