Scoring 86% in the UX Copywriting Certification exam and 85/100 in the final assignment.

In September 2020, I enrolled in the American Writers and Artists Institute “UX Copywriting Certification” 3-month course conducted by Heather Robson.

Due to work pressure, I couldn’t submit my final assignment in Dec 2020.

But AWAI was kind enough to let me retake the course in Feb 2021 and I submitted my final assignment in April 2021 and got the certification in May 2021.

This is the AWAI evaluation sheet of my submitted project:

User Experience Copywriting: Website Assignment Rubric – Final Score: 85/100

Below are the links where you can download the PDF of my assignment submission

Apr 2021 Submission (score 85/100)

Dec 2020 Submission (not submitted – but I liked what I had created)

They also have a multiple choice UX Certification examination. You’ll have to score above 80% to be considered for certification. I scored 86%.

Below is the screenshot of the email received from AWAI with my examination score.

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