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[Content Writing] Comic Script – MRF Tyres – Adventures of the Nylogrip Man 1 – Death Race on Planet Dementia

MRF was relaunching their premium 2-wheeler tyre brand Nylogrip and their television commercials production team had come up with two futuristic looking videos clips.

In one, there is a low angle shot of the front portion of a bike at the edge of a cliff and a futuristic looking city below. Suddenly a glass dome covers the city. The bike revs up and leaps down breaking the dome.

The second clip showed the bike zipping across a desert landscape where suddenly pyramids breakout from the ground and rise up and the bike deftly maneuvers around them.

MRF wanted comic book stories to be created from the above sequences using Nylogrip Man as a super hero. They wanted this to be a part of their Nylogrip tyres brand reinforcement campaign.

Below is the first draft of the first story that I had typed out extempore in one sitting at the computer – using all the memories of comic books that I had read in my childhood as input. I included the visual ideas they had asked for in this story. Today AI systems like ChatGPT do the same, maybe can even write a better story, I’ll have to test that out!

Client :MRF:

Brand: Nylogrip 2-wheeler tyres



Episode 1: Tremors of Evil

KAPTAIN KRULL is once again the undisputed winner of the DEATH RACE on planet DEMENTIA.

The DEATH RACE, beamed to over 50 billion viewers has become the most popular game show in the galaxy.

THE NYLOGRIP MAN is watching the latest news on the Death Race on  his QUANTUM COMPUTER.


Colonel M-249  – “Greetings, NYLOGRIP MAN!”

Nylogrip Man  – “Hi, Colonel M-249.”

Colonel M-249 – “We have a case for you to crack.”

Nylogrip Man – “Don’t tell me, is it the DEATH RACE?”

Colonel M-249 – “How did you guess Nylogrip Man?”

Nylogrip Man – “I find the whole affair fishy, Colonel…and KAPTAIN KRULL winning every time, stinks of some cooked up plot.”

Colonel M-249 – “Correct. Just imagine no one else survives.”

Nylogrip Man – “Never thought we lacked racing talent on this side of our galaxy!”

Colonel M-249 – “Forget the talent, Nylogrip Man. We have reasons to believe that the planet is rigged with death traps…and KAPT AIN KRULL is manipulated to win.  Did you know that huge bets are placed in atl the major COSMOPOLISES in the galaxy?”

Nylogrip Man – “I have heard of that. But who is behind all of this?”

Colonel M-249 – “DOCTOR ROTH!”

Nylogrip Man – “Doctor ROTH !? I thought he was cooling his heels off in some inter-galactic prison, after his experiments in DNA Engineering created some mutant beasts. What’s a mad scientist doing betting and gambling?”

Colonel M-249 – “Maybe he wanted to make some quick money. Remember, his manic WONDER PLANETS…or rather HORROR PLANETS?”

Nylogrip Man – “Weren’t they cheap imitations of Disneyland?”

Colonel M-249 – “Yes, Nylogrip Man. Only that he filled them up with his mutant beasts which went out of control.”

Nylogrip Man – “No surprise his business failed…isn’t his company called SPACE CONQUEST INC. or something?”

Colonel M-249 – “Yes. But now, to make up for his losses, he harnessed one of his abandoned planets…DEMENTIA. And created the DEATH RACE and KAPTAIN KRULL.”

Nylogrip Man – “ convenient. His mutant beasts take care of the unwary riders, while KAPTAIN KRULL easily wins. And all the while people think it’s just a game show!”

Colonel M-249 – “What’s more Nylogrip Man, apart from the money he earns from all the betting, he gains much much more selling the TV rights.”

Nylogrip Man – “Why can’t the government ban this contest?”

Colonel M-249 – “SPACE CONQUEST INC. today has become a mega-corporation with diverse interests and lots of support in high galactic circles. And it’s not easy to stop a popular show unless you have hard evidence…”

Nylogrip Man – “And that’s where I come in?”

Colonel M-249 – “Yes Nylogrip Man. We want you to investigate and put an end to this senseless race. Only you can do it.”

NYLOGRIP MAN enters his CYCLOTRON CHAMBER. The Cyclotron was originally used in nuclear reactors to accelerate particles, now ingeniously modified to energize his


And he takes of…

Episode 2: Face-off with Dr. Roth’s cronies


There..the Nylogrip Man is made to enter the PARAMETRON, a machine which takes accurate note of various parameters like height, weight, muscle tensility, brain growth etc. and he is enrolled in the DEATH RACE.


Dr.Roth – “The NYLOGRIP MAN contesting? I bet it’s to poke his nose into my business.

I’ll take care of him…with my CYBER PUNK BIKE GANG!!”

Dr.Roth – “Porcuporg! The NYLOGRIP MAN will be coming out now. Get him.

I want no pieces left!”

Porcuporg – “Yes, Supreme Controller.”

As NYLOGRIP MAN gets on his bike, the glint of metal catches his eye. The CYBER PUNK BIKE gang gives chase on their bikes.

Porcuporg  twirls his spike-chain at Nylogrip Man.

Porcuporg – “He..He…NYLOGRIP MAN, you are dead meat!”

He fires a missile from his bike at Nylogrip Man.

Nylogrip Man deftly maneuvers from the deadly missile shot by Porcuporg.

Nylogrip Man – “These dudes have escaped from the circus.”

Suddenly a car swerves into his path. HONK! HONK!

Instinctively his finger goes to the HYPER LIFT button on his bike. WHOOSH!

And he zooms over the car…one of the CYBER PUNK BIKE GANG is too late and he crashes into the car. SCREEEECH ! AAAAHHH !

PORCUPORG’S right hand man STRYKER opens fire at Nylogrip Man. 

Stryker  – “I’ll get you…!”

Nylogrip Man skids with the brake and accelerates into a 360 degree turn. His in-built RAPID-FIRE gun blazes away throwing STRYKER off balance and Stryker goes crashing into the side-fence on the road.

PORCUPORG attacks Nylogrip Man. He lunges at him… toppling Nylogrip Man from the bike. Nylogrip Man uses his martial arts skills to floor him.

Porcupog – “EEEYAAAH…!!”

Nylogrip Man – “Hey, nice of you to drop in!


Nylogrip Man – “Now, may I have the honor of an introduction?”

The others of the Cyber Bike Gang close in on Nylogrip Man firing. 

Nylogrip Man quickly retrieves his bike and fires back.

A car in the line of fire skids and hits a lamp post. A child in the car cries. The car is on fire. Nylogrip Man rushes to the rescue. The Cyber Punk Bike Gang escape.

Nylogrip Man (to the child) – “Are you all right?”

Nylogrip Man – “Somebody seems to be keen on me not participating in the race.”

Episode 3: Evil Tidings Enroute to Planet Dementia

The day before the race arrives. Nylogrip Man reports at the SPACE CONQUEST INC. space port. A space ship is waiting, ready to take the racers to PLANET DEMENTIA.

Aboard the space-ship he is interviewed by EDA, a reporter for CHANNEL GALACTICA.

EDA – “So tell me Nylogrip Man, how do you feel to be on the DEATH RACE show?

Nylogrip Man – “Can you please turn off those glaring lights? I hate showbiz!”

EDA – “Come on, then why are you taking part if you hate showbiz so much?

Nylogrip Man – “Oh, that is just to say hi to your KAPTAIN KRULL.”

EDA (whispering to Nylogrip Man) – “Just between you and me, actually I find something sinister going on the planet. This space-ship always returns empty. I actually don’t see the contestants at all after the race. What do you think is happening?”

Suddenly a low voice menacingly snarls, “Listen kid. You shouldn’t be asking such questions. Tomorrow it might be you not returning!”

Nylogrip Man – “Who are you?”

DREBOR – “DREBOR from the Star Planet Sirius. I was actually an inter-stellar galactic transport shuttle pilot  for SPACE CONQUEST INC. when I found out that my cargo was DOCTOR ROTH’S crazy monsters. One of the monsters broke loose and killed my navigator. To keep me quiet DOCTOR ROTH had me locked up. Later, when he had cooked up the DEATH RACE, I was one of the first participants. I survived. But what takes place is absolute horror. I was badly injured. They transformed me into a CYBORG, so that they could use me for their subsequent races. All the participants are people that either DOCTOR ROTH or his powerful friends want eliminated. Or criminals and robbers whom he has promised freedom if they win. Some of them are sponsored by the heavy betters – real cut-throat mercenaries. So what you are getting into is nothing else but sure DEATH!

Nylogrip Man – “Thanks DREBOR. That’s really heartening to hear.”

EDA – “But surely you can do something to stop this madness?!”

DREBOR – “The worst is yet to come. The planet is very unstable with frequent earthquakes and constant volcanic activity. Added to this is the strange eclipse that takes place every one hour. Everything becomes totally dark.”

Nylogrip Man – “Eclipse?”

DREBOR – “DEMENTIA is the fifth planet of the RIB LON STAR SYSTEM. It is a dumbbell shaped planet with 15 moons. What’s bizarre is the very complex trajectories of these moons caused by the dumbbell shape. The moons don’t collide at all! This causes the frequent eclipses. Maybe this also explains the volatile nature of the planet.

So if you don’t survive all these, ultimately there are the mutant beasts and KAPTAIN KRULL!

EDA – “His very name gives me the shivers!”

DREBOR – “There is something very evil about him. He has a kind of psychic control over the mutant monsters and an uncanny knack for avoiding volcanoes and earthquakes. What takes place there is beyond your wildest nightmares.”

Episode 4: The Nightmare begins

The space ship lands on DEMENTIA. The race is scheduled to start soon. Lots of TV cameras surround the place. Occasionally the ground shakes.

EDA – “Nylogrip Man, take care. Can I do anything to help?”

Nylogrip Man – “Have you got a TRANSPONDER with you? My frequency is ADF297. Just keep me informed of anything strange happening in the control tower.”

EDA goes into the Control Tower from where she will be watching the race.

The contenders walk to the cargo shuttle from where their driving machines are being unloaded.

Back on Earth…Colonel M-249 is watching the DEATH RACE.

Announcer – “Humans, Cyborgs Aliens, Siriusians, Riblonians and servant robots. SPACE CONQUEST INC. and PLA-NETWORK welcome you to another exciting episode of your favorite DEATH RACE. This week’s contenders are…”

Colonel M-249  – “Nylogrip Man, Goodluck!”

Nylogrip Man gets on his Hyperon Bike. There’s a podium at the start line filled with cheering spectators.

Announcer – “And here comes the Master of the Death Race, the Terror of Planet Dementia and the Reigning Champion…KAPTAIN KRULL!”

KAPTAIN KRULL enters the scene on his bike carrying his death flag followed by smaller SKULLBOTS on bikes.

Nylogrip Man – ”Uh-oh. I thought this maniac raced alone.”

The contenders queue up on the starting line.

Announcer – “Listen DEATH RACERS. An eclipse is due in 5 minutes. As soon as this happens, a laser will be fired. That’s your starter. Your finish line is the huge ballistic balloon you find floating ahead. It is approximately 100 miles. I’m discounting the possibilities of the balloon being blown away by the dust storms. He He He! Anyway, may the best Cyborg, Human, Alien, whatever win!”

The eclipse starts to happen. Everything becomes pitch dark.

Nylogrip Man – “I’d better put on my night vision.”

Then, a bolt of laser shoots up into the sky and the race begins.

Episode 5: Death Race to the finish!

KAPTAIN KRULL nudges away two riders in the beginning itself NYLOGRIP MAN also takes off.

The ground starts to rumble and break.

A few riders fall to their death in the chasm, the Nylogrip Man and the hyperon bike roars over the chasm and escape.

Nylogrip Man – “This rumbling is starting to get on my nerves. Where’s Mr. Babyface?”

KAPTAIN KRULL and his SKULLBOTS dislodge two more riders.

Nylogrip Man  – “There you are!”

Suddenly…a volcano shoots up next to the Nylogrip Man. He deftly maneuvers around it.

Some are not so lucky.

Meanwhile at the Control Tower…EDA is watching all the action on huge monitors. She notices one operator hunched over a computer console in a corner.

EDA – “What’s he upto? Oh my God! He’s causing the volcanoes to explode!

EDA – Excuse me, I’d like some fresh air.”

She goes out and calls the NYLOGRIP MAN on her TRANSPONDER.

EDA – “Nylogrip Man, are you there?”

Nylogrip Man – “Hi EDA, you are missing out on all the action out here!”

EDA – “Listen. The volcanoes are artificially exploded by remote from here. Just keep close to KAPTAIN KRULL. That’s the only safe passage. 

A hand appears behind EDA.

Episode 6: Battle for Supremacy

Nylogrip Man – “Easier said than done baby!”

He leaps over a suddenly appearing pyramid from the ground… 

Nylogrip Man – “Whoa…his pet kittens won’t let me approach mama!”

A SKULLBOT attacks him. He shoots him down with his LASER.


Dr. Roth – “A-ha! I was wondering what an unknown  transponder frequency was doing on my planet. So a nosy reporter eh! In cahoots with the NYLOGRIP MAN I guess!”

EDA – “Let go of me you…!”

Dr. Roth – “Come on honey, let’s cook up a surprise for the NYLOGRIP MAN. Ha Ha Ha!”

The Nylogrip Man has his problems too. Suddenly a huge monster looms out breathing fire, knocking him off the bike. The monster’s tentacles encircle the Nylogrip Man. The Nylogrip Man takes out his laser blaster and blasts the tentacles off the monster. He falls to the ground and entangles himself from the piece of tentacle. Other monsters around him are killing the other riders. The Nylogrip Man quickly retrieves his bike and takes off after Kaptain Krull.

Nylogrip Man – “Where is the balloon?” Ah there!”

He can see the balloon in the distance. He closes in on Kaptain Krull. The Skullbots  start to attack him. He gets rid of them. Now the Nylogrip Man and Kaptain Krull race neck-to-neck. Kaptain Krull uses his telepathic powers to call in more mutant beasts.

Kaptain Krull – “Mredoth…come here…Asignor Come…!!!”

The Mutant beasts are behind the Nylogrip Man.

Nylogrip Man – “So these must be your pets…I hate being cruel to animals. So fIllet you do all the honours…!

The Nylogrip Man  puts on his SONIC BOOM switch.


The super-frequency sound breaks down the brain cells of the monsters and they die.


Nylogrip Man – “It’s just you and me now, Skullface!”

Kaptain Krull – “The race is mine, death is yours!”

Nylogrip Man – “Enough talk…!”

Nylogrip Man ducks as Kaptain Krull lashes out wildly at him even when they are racing at breakneck speed. Suddenly spikes appear out of the ground. Both of them fly over it.

Kaptain Krull – “Your end is near Nylogrip Man…Die…!!!”

Another eclipse occurs and things become pitch black.

Nylogrip Man – “Night Vision on. Where am I?”

Episode 7: The End of Kaptain Krull

Suddenly a mountain comes alive. And two mighty arms come towards his flying bike.

Nylogrip Man – “HYPERTHRUST!”

Nylogrip Man is catapulted at lightning speed away from the rock monster.

Nylogrip Man  – “Now where has Mr. Nice Guy gone?”

He slows down.

He sees Kaptain Krull speeding towards the balloon.

Nylogrip Man  – “Oh no you don’t!”

And once again repeats HYPER THRUST and takes of at dizzying speed, avoiding craters, spikes, earthquakes. The eclipse clears up again. He reaches Kaptain Krull.

Kaptain Krull this time jumps from his bike at the Nylogrip Man.

Kaptain Krull – “You’ll never win.” 

He charges at Nylogrip Man. They both go tumbling down.

Kaptain Krull and the Nylogrip Man  are locked in a fierce battle. Another earthquake rips through the planet. Nylogrip Man  and Kaptain Krull fall and hang on to a precipice.

Kaptain Krull calls his beasts again. The monster gives Kaptain Krull its tail to hold onto. The Nylogrip Man  reactivates the SONIC BOOM through his remote control wrist-computer. The monster is in pain. It loses its balance and falls along with

KAPTAIN KRULL into the crevice. Nylogrip Man  pulls himself up.

Episode 8: The Biospheric City in the Valley of Death

Nylogrip Man  – “Now, the balloon…”

He gets back on his bike and zooms towards the balloon. 

Nylogrip Man – “That is the finishing line!”

On Earth.

Colonel M-249 – “Yes. He has done it !

Reporters rush up to the Nylogrip Man –

Reporters – “You are the new champion, Nylogrip Man, how does it feel?”

Nylogrip Man (zooming away) – “Later. I have a few scores to settle.”

He breaks into the Control Tower with his bike cornering one of the Controllers.

Nylogrip Man – “Where is the Doctor?”

Controller – “He has taken the reporter with him to the BIOSPHERIC CITY.”

Nylogrip Man – “What is that?”

Controller – “That’s the city which the Doctor was secretly building. It is specially built with a shield to protect it from PLANET DEMENTIA’S fluctuating geographic conditions.”

Nylogrip Man  – “And where is it?”

Controller – “The Valley of Death. Just follow the dirt track behind the Control Tower.”

Nylogrip Man – “Thank you for your cooperation. I’ll see to it that you get a reduced death sentence.”

He takes the dirt track and comes to the edge of a cliff. Below him is the Valley of Death. He can see the city. Suddenly a glass dome covers the city.

Nylogrip Man – “You think that’s going to stop me?!”

He takes off from the cliff on HYPER THRUST. And flies and lands on the glass dome, it shatters. The city starts to explode.

Dr. Roth – “Oh no! What has that fool done. He’s destroying my dream!”

He abandons EDA and runs to his space ship. And takes off. The Nylogrip Man  enters the lab and rescues EDA. Together they zoom across the Valley of Death and reach the Control Tower. The earthquakes intensify and everything starts to break up and tumble.

EDA – “What do we do now? Is there any space-ship to escape with?”

Suddenly the EARTH POLICE’S spaceship arrives.

EDA – “It’s the EARTH POLICE. We are saved.”

Nylogrip Man – “And on time too. Hold on ! HYPER THRUST!”

They take off and enter the space-ship. Colonel M-249 is waiting for them.

Colonel M-249 – “Nylogrip Man, I knew I could depend on you to get the job done. EDA is also an undercover secret service agent. We had put her on the case to assist you if possible.”

EDA – “Thank you NYLOGRIP MAN for saving my life.”


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