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[Copywriting] Names and Taglines for Aster Medical’s in-house Education and Information Seminars

Came up with the following names and taglines. I heard that Asteropedia was one of the shortlisted names.

The ObservatoryGaining insights from illumined minds
Knowledge SurgeriesKnowledge sharing sessions for better insight
The Sacred GroveKnowledge and Wisdom sharing seminar
Illumined MindsGrowing together through knowledge sharing
The “Learning” TheatreLearners inherit the future. The learned live in a world which no longer exists.
Brain Transplant SessionsLearn from the experts
The MasterclassSpecialist knowledge transfer sessions
The “Intelligence” GatheringKnowledge and information sharing sessions
AsteropediaLearn from walking-talking medical encyclopedias!
AsteronomyLearn from the stars of our medical fraternity.

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