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[Radio Script] Aster Medical Centre – Open on Fridays

The brief from Aster was to write a radio commercial announcing that Aster Medical Centres were open on Fridays (the weekend in the UAE before 2022).

Date: 29 Jan 2019

PROJECT: Radio Script

Client: Aster Campaign: Friday

Script 1





Background audio Collage of Voices:“I would like to take permission for my doctor appointment.”Can I leave early today?

Background audio – collage of voices:“Hi, is the doctor available at 5pm Tuesday? “Can I come at 4pm Monday for the appointment?

Sounds of busy traffic, vehicles revving, honking

Thank Aster it’s Friday!
Yes, all our clinics and specialists are now open and working on Fridays. 
No more taking permission off work on a weekday.

No more hustling and bustling for an appointment in the middle of the week.

No more rushing for your doctor appointment in the weekday traffic

Now relax and take your doctor appointment on a leisurely Friday!
Call _________________ or visit
Thank Aster, it’s Friday!

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