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[Radio Script] Aster Pharmacy – Derma Brite

Date: 9 Feb 2019
PROJECT: Radio Script

Client: Aster

Campaign: Derma Brite

Script 1

Black or white doesn’t really matter.
As much as there are people using fairness products, you will find many of them lying on the beaches trying to reverse the effect.

Yes, the grass looks greener on the other side.

We at Aster believe that it is more about healthy and glowing skin, no matter the colour.

That’s why we bring you:


A herbal skin care supplement specially developed for Aster.
A 100% vegan product with antioxidant support
Herbal skincare supplement

Colour doesn’t matter but a healthy and glowing skin does.

Get the Glow! at any Aster pharmacy today! 
Visit to find a pharmacy near you.

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