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[Copywriting][Design] – Flyer – Jumairah Computer Systems Dubai

There was this cool bookshop near where I was staying in Dubai. I’d bought some good books from there. On one corner of the bookshop, the owner’s son Ibrahim (maybe around 16 or 17 years of age) had started his own venture, Jumeirah Computer Systems, assembling and repairing PCs.

I used to stop by to chit chat with him and even had bought a PC from him. Noticing that there were no posters or signboards promoting his service, I offered to create a brand, a mascot and also create posters/flyers for him.

After getting his go-ahead, I sketched out a humanoid mascot featuring his hairstyle. I then fleshed it out in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to give it a very young, super hero comic style vibe. These are the initial ideas I had sketched.

I came up with the headline “Syzzlers – Fresh, assembled computer systems made-to-order!”

He liked the word “Syzzlers” and wanted to make it a brand for his assembled PCs and wanted to print it as a sticker and stick on the systems he assembled.

After a couple of meetings with him, we finalized the below:

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