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UX Writing Portfolio - JobPay Mobile App

[UX WRITING] JobPay Mobile App

Following is the final project submission done for the UX Writing course I took at UX Content Collective.

App Overview

Business Owners use the JobPay app to pay freelancers and track the progress of hours worked (paying and project tracking).

Freelancers use the app to bill Business Owners and report progress on a paid project (billing and project tracking).

The app is “shared” by these two user types. Each of these users has a view of one side of the app: one uses it for billing and the other for paying. You can assume that these two users already know each other and have agreed to work together using JobPay.

Both Freelancers and Business Owners can start a project and invite the other to join.

Freelancers are the primary users. They report billable hours and request payment. Small Business Owners are the secondary users. After a freelancer invites them, they can approve hours and send payments to the freelancer.

Business Owners will recommend and use the app, even if they’re not paying any money to use it. This is a powerful secondary audience that will be key to growing users, and key to the app’s success.

UX Writing on the Figma screens provided by Designer

This is where I applied UX Writing techniques and best practices on the various screens of the different user journeys.

1. Onboarding for both users

2. Sign up flow

3. Login Screen

4. Freelancers User Journey – Create Project

5. Freelancers User Journeys – Invite Client, Send Project for Approval

6. Freelancers User Journeys – Logging Hours Worked

7. Freelancers User Journey – Set Payment Method

8. Freelancers User Journey – Send/Cancel Invoices

9. Business Owners User Journey – Project and Budget Approval

10. Business Owners User Journey – Invoice Payment flow

11. Business Owners User Journey – Message flow

12. Other screens

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