11 PM | 26 Aug


  • A list of my Content Curation Blogs that I run:
    1. CondensCity.com – Educational and Informative Post Cards
    2. Swarlok.com – Funny observations on Indian Film Music and a collection of free music creation resources
  • A list of the UAE based blogs I run:
  1. UaeCreatives.com – A collection of print creatives from the UAE (2006-2007)
  2. UseUae.com – Useful Stuff in the Emirates
  3. UaeWebOfLife.com – A blog record of new web services in the UAE
  4. UaeWorldRecords.com – A blog record of world records set in the UAE
  5. UaeTamil.com –  A collection of Tamil community services in the UAE
  6. KaramaStuff.com – A info blog about the Karama residential area in Dubai.
  7. DubaiPW.com – Dubai Price Watch