[CARTOONING] – Educational Content – Web Comic for Awareness on Paper Recycling


BACKGROUND: In 2006, navigating online forums in the UAE got me in touch with two creatives who had started a social work forum for creatives. One of their projects was Paper Recycling and they wanted a simple comic explaining the benefits of recycling paper. The script was already written and they couldn’t find a cartoonist yet. Being an amateur, I decided to take the plunge and use the opportunity to see what I was capable of.

CLIENT: Creative Majlis, Dubai


PRODUCT / SERVICE: Paper Recycling

BRIEF: Visualise and convert the written script into an entertaining and educating comic.


YEAR: 2006

ART: Umesh Ponnusamy

COPY: Mayura Sandeep


Since the day I had  created a killer resume in MS Word using it’s drawing tools (this was in 1998), I was fascinated by the possibilities these tools offered. Later in my work, I had created diagrams, charts, illustrations using these very user-friendly drawing tools.

I had even created a simple cartoon for a newsletter for an online group using the drawing tools in MS Word in 2004.

All these previous efforts, gave me the confidence to go ahead and try to visualise and execute the script given to me. It was a simple enough script.

Maybe someday if I have the time and inclination, I’ll document the entire process in this post.


4 thoughts on “[CARTOONING] – Educational Content – Web Comic for Awareness on Paper Recycling”

  1. Thanks Andy…have done that. Will put some more stuff that I had done using MS Off drawing tools including the killer resume that I’d spoken about in the post 🙂

  2. Hi Umesh,

    the post is really gr8, well portrayed, gud work dude. Its high time nw dat we shld understand the importance of trees

    well done, congrats. 🙂

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