[DA VINCI PAUSE] Story Cubes 24 May2017

He was a fallen star, hiding away in hibernation. His attractiveness and magnetic personality  fading away – long forgotten from his heydays on the stage. There was a time when he was world famous, an apple of every eye. But today only a google search might throw up a wikipedia entry about him, a footnote to his once vain glorious existence under the limelight and then his ultimate demise. Thus it is with us all.

[DA VINCI PAUSE] Story Cube 23 May 2017

The clock was ticking. Time was running out. Or rather the clock had turned and time had changed things. The place where wigwams dotted the landscape, now were replaced by tall buildings of modern development. The beast within man had ensured that ancient cultures were destroyed though medieval thinking. Only a miracle could save the day and ensure that flowers once again bloom naturally and sheep graze peacefully on the ravaged lands.