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From 2008, I was helping my uncle who’s a doctor document his experiments and market his product which had numerous beneficial applications in various industries. Though the hosted blog had become defunct, I managed to salvage the posts from the Way Back Machine. I have posted them all below here:

BNT in Blood Preservation industry


Posted on December 12, 2012 by umesh

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BNT Technology is a natural blood preserver as the above simple home experiments demonstrate.

A pin-prick drop of blood from a finger – one exposed to the BNT sticker and the other in control conditions, clearly showed the blood preservation capabilities of BNT.

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You don’t need a refrigerator to keep fruits fresh!


Posted on December 2, 2012 by umesh

In his previous experiment with eggs, it was demonstrated how BNT (Bharath Natural Nitric Oxide Technology) was effective in preserving eggs and keeping the yolk fresh. This will boost have a tremendous impact in the egg industry. Dairy industry folks, are you listening?

Now, Dr.Chandrasekaran sends in a few notes of some more of his experiments with naturally produced nitric oxide technology through his BNT Stickers. Reproducing some of his notes below:

Study of BNT sticker of cell phone and its capacity to prevent biodegradation of cut banana fruit in NPT (4 a.m, 26 deg C)

Protocol: Fresh banana fruit cut cleanly into two halves . One half is taken as control in plain hand and other half held in palm with BNT stickered cell phone.

Naked eye changes, enlarged with hand lens and digital microscope studies were done at 10, 20 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours , 7 days . The results were tabulated to measure the degree of preservation offered by BNT stickered cellphones.

AIM: To prove that the bio preservative properties of BNT sticker is due to nanotechnology and electron transfer through the medium of human body.


All the parameters go to prove the BNT sticker’s ability to preserve the vegetable cells at NTP for double the life time by preventing the enzymatic bio-degradation through the property of nano-tech transfer.

The results clearly prove the presence of Natural Nitrogen monooxide molecule released by BNT sticker acting through the medium of atmospheric air. The above technique will be useful to preserve animal tissues also safely,simply and economically eg. Human blood,organ transplants etc.

The Egg Experiment – application of BNT Technology in Food Preservation industry


Posted on November 29, 2012 by umesh

Great Truths and discoveries (think Newton and the apple) in life are simple.

Similarly, through a series of simple reproducible experiments, Dr. Chandrasekaran has been demonstrating the effectiveness of Nitric Oxide in combating pollutants and enhancing health through the BNT stickers.


A simple egg experiment was conducted and was seen that the BNT MW Sticker keeps eggs fresh.

Technically speaking, the BNT  sticker kept the total proteins, albumin levels high by preventing degradation, through generation of the health giving MOLECULE (Nitric Oxide).

The illustrated photos below show the quite stable nature of egg yolk and white (in the glass on the left) compared to the degenerated state of ordinary “control” eggs (glass on the right). The rotten smell of “control” eggs is quite in contrast to the almost odourless BNT eggs…fresh!

The lab analysis of the BNT eggs show raised Total proteins and albumin levels compared to “control” eggs.


The BNT stickers can be applied to the storage tanks – either metal or plastics, or it can be used in the finished egg powder packings.

The cost is very economical and the technology can be easily assayed by testing the egg powder purity, nutritive values etc.

The BNT stickers are stable in stored sealed pouches for 18-20 months. The required stickers used can be removed and replaced with new ones in the production line.


The BNT stickers used in the egg industry will help to keep the food value of eggs intact, well-preserved, preventing bio-degradation and boosting the nutritive value with additional benefit of the HEALTH MOLECULE (nitric oxide).

Cigarette smoke effects reduced in active and passive smokers through BNT technology

Posted on November 28, 2012 by umesh


To the millions who ignite the fuse of this rather dangerous biological weapon (I mean the cigarette) and the millions who have resigned-to-the-fate of the after-effects, BNT (Bharath Natural Nitric Oxide Technology) offers new hope.

The following simple experiment demonstrates how the harmful effects of cigarettes can be eliminated with the help of BNT Stickers:


Two smoker volunteers, a CO metre, a cigarette and a BNT sticker of course!


1. Passive smoker (left) and Active  smoker (right) with CO (Carbon Monooxide meter) in background , control – 0 ppm (image below…click on the image to view larger version).

2. Active smoker’s cigarette smoke shows CO level of 43 PPM.


3. Active smoker continues smoking with BNT sticker (stuck on cell phone) in hand,

metre shows dramatic reduction of CO level.

4. Active smoker again smokes another fresh cigarette after resetting CO meter to zero level. The CO level goes up to 43 PPM.But the passive smoker carries BNT sticker cell phone in hand showing dramatic reduction of CO level to ZERO PPM.

IMPRESSION : The toxic gas CO from cigarette is very dramatically cut down to 0 PPM with BNT sticker using cell phone either carried by passive or active smoker.

The anti-pollution action of BNT sticker is very clearly, scientifically demonstrated by this natural technology.

Nitric Oxide based BNT is Anti-Pollution, Ant-Radiation Natural Technology for Health and Environment protection


Posted on November 27, 2012 by umesh

Featured below is a news clipping from 1998, when NO researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. Dr.Chandrasekhar has carried the findings further with BNT and demonstrated its applications in the food preservation industry, as a bio-shield, smoke filter etc.

It’s been 14 long years. The future of Earth and mankind is at the crossroads.

BNT,  founded on Nitric Oxide, can definitely pave the way for a new era of green living.

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