[COPYWRITING] Crafting creative headlines from marketing briefs for print

While cutting my teeth as a copywriter in Purple Patch, a copy services  firm serving advertising agencies in Chennai, I crafted headlines for print advertisements for various clients. A few of the ones that got approved are reproduced below:

Client : SI Construct                    
(This was my first headline that was approved for publication in Purple Patch.)  
Product / Service: Apartments 
Brief : To communicate that Bangalore is a prime place invest in and  SI Constructions is the premium real estate agent there. 
Headline: There is more to India’s Garden City and Silicon Valley than flowers and computer chips. 
Date: Dec-94
Medium / Size: Print – Newspaper 

Client: Hill Country Resorts 
Product / Service: Resorts at Kodaikanal 
Brief : To communicate that Hill Country is the only resort company to open its Time Share resort on time. 
Headline: If opening a Holiday Resort is like running the Olympic 100 m dash, we’d get the gold. 
Date: Dec-94
Medium / Size: Print – Newspaper / Full Page 

Client: Salem Steel 
Product / Service: Cold-Rolled Steel 
Brief: To communicate that Salem Steel has invested Rs. 630 million to give its customers better quality, lower prices and quicker delivery. 
Headline: We invested Rs. 630 crores to make our customers experience a few ups and downs. 
Date: 1995
Medium / Size:  Print 

Client: Strawberry Stripes 
Product / Service: Kids Nightwear 
Brief: To communicate that the popular Strawberry Stripes Kids Nightwear Sale is back again ! 
Headline: Look Mommy ! It’s Strawberry Stripes Kids Nightwear Sale. Again ! 
Date: Mar-95
Medium / Size: Print- Newspaper (The Hindu)/ 

Client : VGP 
Product / Service: Teak and Shrimp farms 
Brief: To communicate that VGP Teak has moved its office in Mumbai. 
Headline: There are teak trees and shrimps sprouting out of …….Andheri. 
Date: Mar-95
Medium / Size: Print – Newspaper Mumbai. 

Client: Ray Impex Trading 
Product / Service: Video Door Phone 
Brief : To communicate the features of the Video Door Phone and its security aspect. 
Ever heard of a “two-piece” that ensures security?
To keep unwanted visitors, irritating salesmen or nosy neighbours out…
Date 1995
Medium / Size: Print – Newspaper (The Hindu) / 

Client: MRF 

Product / Service: Rally
Brief : To communicate that MRF has won all the rallies of the year in both the Modified cars and Unmodified cars section driving the competition into the ground. 


We race modified car

We win all rallies

Competition goes crazy

 We race unmodified car

We still win all Rallies

Competition goes berserk


Date Sep-95
Medium / Size:  Print – Newspaper (The Hindu) /
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