[IDEA/THOUGHT] What we can learn from the humble spring

Manifesto of the Spring

Spring of Life

The basic building block of life – DNA, is spring shaped. 
Thus the very nature and essence of life is being springy and positive.
Springs (springy people) are positive thinkers.

Spring of Knowledge

The coil inside a light-bulb is spring –shaped too. It gives light. Thus, Springs are naturally creative and Eternal Learners. They are an extension of “the kingdom of God is within you”. Their springy attitude makes them fast learners, quick adapters and intuitive thinkers. They share their learning and inspire people to achieve.

Spring a Surprise

Springs never fail to surprise. Having maximized their creative potential, they are able to manifest multi-facets of their intelligence. Their thinking is not closeted to a narrow path.

Spring Board to Success

Springs are flexible and adapt easily to pressure. The more pressure you apply, the more energy they gain and the more higher they shoot up. Whatever be the situation, they use it as a Spring Board to Success.

So the next time you feel weighed down by situations and circumstances or if you’re already in such a corner, remember the pressure on you is actually silently powering you up for a great leap forward. Just stay positive and breathe!

Spring Cleaning

Springs are constantly spring-cleaning their minds and hearts of all negativity.

Spring Action

Springs are the Here and Now kind. They are not lost in the past nor dreaming about the future. Their conscious awareness of the present helps them spring into action, seizing opportunities that come their way

Walk with a Spring in your Step

Springs are full of positivism, enthusiasm and have a natural zest for Life.
You’ll find them walking around with a spring in their step.

Be the Spring in Someone’s Life

Spring is the season of joyful sunshine, flowers and happiness. Such positive vibes spring out from shiny (should we say ‘springy’ :-), happy people?—?the Springs. Their enthusiasm for Life is infectious and they inspire people to bring out the same.

You are a Natural Born Spring.
Your very physical fibre of creation (DNA) is a Spring.


Written on a sudden inspiration in 1998–1999.
Drawing of the Spring Man done using the drawing tools and shapes in Microsoft Word.

[CARTOONING] – Creating a web comic using only the drawing tools in Microsoft Powerpoint – [Cartooning] Paper Recycling

[singlepic id=19 w=592 h=4381 float=]

BACKGROUND: In 2006, navigating online forums in the UAE got me in touch with two creatives who had started a social work forum for creatives. One of their projects was Paper Recycling and they wanted a simple comic explaining the benefits of recycling paper. The script was already written and they couldn’t find a cartoonist yet. Being an amateur, I decided to take the plunge and use the opportunity to see what I was capable of.

CLIENT: Creative Majlis, Dubai


PRODUCT / SERVICE: Paper Recycling

BRIEF: Visualise and convert the written script into an entertaining and educating comic.


YEAR: 2006

ART: Umesh Ponnusamy

COPY: Mayura Sandeep


Since the day I had  created a killer resume in MS Word using it’s drawing tools (this was in 1998), I was fascinated by the possibilities these tools offered. Later in my work, I had created diagrams, charts, illustrations using these very user-friendly drawing tools.

I had even created a simple cartoon for a newsletter for an online group using the drawing tools in MS Word in 2004.

All these previous efforts, gave me the confidence to go ahead and try to visualise and execute the script given to me. It was a simple enough script.

Maybe someday if I have the time and inclination, I’ll document the entire process in this post.

[GRAPHIC DESIGN] – Poster for World Peace concert in Dubai – 1


In 2003, between January to October, I worked with Glenn Perry in creating posters, ads and press releases for his concerts in Dubai. Though I’m only an amateur designer, I suited Glenn’s purpose well. Reproduced here is the first of the posters that I had designed.


Dubai Music School – Glenn Perry


Concert – Music for World Peace


To create a flyer/poster for Music for World Peace concert that conveys the theme ‘Music for World Peace’ and which will be also adapted for a 10×2 print ad (Gulf News)


1. A4 sized colour Poster / flyer to be laser printed and distributed

2. Print Ad – Gulf News – Tabloid




Umesh Ponnusamy


Umesh Ponnusamy


The time was around when the 2nd Gulf War was about to start. War drums were sounding. Glenn Perry had to do a Peace concert. In my discussions with Glenn, he mentioned ‘World Peace’ a lot. When I was trying to visualize a solution….I remembered the Smiley icon that was famous in the 60’s antiwar protests. I found the vector “World” icon.I added eyes to it and made Glenn’s slogan “make peace not war” as the smile!

Then I also remembered another Unity symbol of people holding hands. I created the man and woman icons in AI9 and had them circling the globe. So this illustration took care of the “World Peace” part of the communication. Now what about music?

I browsed through all the available vector clips in the AI9 library. I found the cool looking mic and stand with a cowboy climbing up the wire…looked like George Bush! And there…that completed the imagery.

I also worked a bit trying to select the right fonts and colours that potrayed the mood of the communication. I found a heart vector and added it at a lower opacity in the background blue to symbolise spiritual love. The same poster was adapted for the press ad. Glenn loved it. A few text corrections were made and it went into print.

Here is a clickable thumbnail in case you are not able to view the image above: