[COPYWRITING] Crafting creative headlines from marketing briefs for print

While cutting my teeth as a copywriter in Purple Patch, a copy services  firm serving advertising agencies in Chennai, I crafted headlines for print advertisements for various clients. A few of the ones that got approved are reproduced below:

Client : SI Construct                    
(This was my first headline that was approved for publication in Purple Patch.)  
Product / Service: Apartments 
Brief : To communicate that Bangalore is a prime place invest in and  SI Constructions is the premium real estate agent there. 
Headline: There is more to India’s Garden City and Silicon Valley than flowers and computer chips. 
Date: Dec-94
Medium / Size: Print – Newspaper 

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[TODAY AT WORK] 15 Jan 2018 – Content, Copy, Analytics and Reports – A wholesome day as a web specialist

Today seemed to be one of those wholesome days in my career as a web specialist.

I got an opportunity to update content on one of our portals using the SDL Tridion CMS (Content Managment System).

I completed testing of IBM Cognos Reports delivered by IT for our mobile app.

Then one of the managers wanted me to access Google Analytics and give him a last 3-months report on 3 URLs/pages. Delivered them successfully.

Later I had to follow up with IT teams about change requests we had raised.

I co-ordinated with the Engineering team on a web application owned by them – some content corrections and updates had to be done.

Then helped an Arabic speaking colleague with grammar and proof-reading his email replies to different departments.

The same Manager wanted me to access Oracle BI and extract some detailed reports on which he wanted an analysis to make some business decisions.

Then I liased with our CMS vendor to get help on a list that we needed to be extracted from the application server.

Why am I writing all these down? Just to be grateful for the opportunity to work and serve 🙂

[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Thought/Idea for the Day – Uber for Designers

The above graphic was created in DesignBold.com – online design app. 

Technology is changing the way graphic/visual designers could operate in the market. DesignBold and similar services provide numerous templates that one could customise for any medium – social/print/digital etc. This lowers content creation costs. 

My idea is of a Uber like app for Designers….local businesses and SMEs can use the app to locate designers nearby who will help them customise readymade templates in maximum 1 hour and get paid for that time.

This would make design more affordable for SMEs and designers can do more 1 hour jobs in a day and make up for the lower rates.


[DA VINCI PAUSE] Story Cubes 24 May2017

He was a fallen star, hiding away in hibernation. His attractiveness and magnetic personality  fading away – long forgotten from his heydays on the stage. There was a time when he was world famous, an apple of every eye. But today only a google search might throw up a wikipedia entry about him, a footnote to his once vain glorious existence under the limelight and then his ultimate demise. Thus it is with us all.

[DA VINCI PAUSE] Story Cube 23 May 2017

The clock was ticking. Time was running out. Or rather the clock had turned and time had changed things. The place where wigwams dotted the landscape, now were replaced by tall buildings of modern development. The beast within man had ensured that ancient cultures were destroyed though medieval thinking. Only a miracle could save the day and ensure that flowers once again bloom naturally and sheep graze peacefully on the ravaged lands.