[IDEA] Localised Fiverr

This is an addition to my previous post about a Uber like service for digital workers serving businesses locally.

It suddenly struck me that Fiverr is ideally positioned to serve as this localised services app.

Now that Fiverr allows workers to charge more than $5 (I saw some gigs for $750), Fiverr could be the ideal candidate to conquer the world. 

I installed the Fiverr app to see whether I can browse/buy gigs available locally. The search filter does not provide for location.

Understandable, as this goes against Fiverr’s  business model, as allowing the buyer and seller to meet face to face, they can cut off Fiverr’s commission. But though this will happen in some cases, in a majority of the cases, the Fiverr app will provide the bulwark against non-paying buyers – a problem which many freelancers face. 

Using Fiverr, payment is first assured for gig sellers. 

This could create a revolution through out the world, where anyone and everyone can sell or buy gigs locally and earn a decent income in these days of market disruption and rapid change.


[THOUGHTS] ux to hx (human experience)

Starting out as a copywriter in the late 90s after learning the craft from seasoned writers, absorbing brand positioning concepts from Jack Trout and Al Ries, copy and idea crafting concepts from the writings of Ogilvy, Bernbach, Jim Aitchinson etc.  and other marketing frameworks from Philip Kotler, now in the second decade of the 21st century, you come face-to-face with IT and UX. 

Now your craft is a sub-set of a larger process – the user-experience process layered over the software development life cycle (SDLC). The process is more analytical than the spontaneous creativity of your previous avatar. How do you cross-over? Can your love for ideation and the writing craft fit into this very engineering-like process?

Somewhere you find it losing its humanness with all its talks of “users” and “personas” and “journeys” and “moods” – concepts which you had sub-consciously used for crafting communication pieces in the previous era. The whole ecosystem of this industry feeds on this jargon and runs like a machine. Copywriters or for that matter anybody with a bit of interest can learn the processes and techniques as it is not rocket science exactly.  Is it possible to achieve the same goal without depending on UX processes? Maybe not advisable. But UX teams can recognise the importance a copywriter can bring to the design process, instead of someone who just fills in the words.

Copywriters can be the top most layer after the UX Layer which in turn is layered over the SDLC. Each screen of the digital product being designed/developed can be given a metaphorical/allegorical makeover by ideators/copywriters (eg. The Digital Content Cafe). Telecom consumer service providers can package their plans, add-ons and value-added services using the metaphor of a McDonald combo meal – which majority of us easily grasp, even kids. But are we human enough to be child-like in our approach? Or enmeshed in our sophisticated complexities do we shrug off these creative approaches as primitive?

By the way, googling “hx human experience” throws up results fresh from 2017…so there seems to be a conscious movement towards hx happening.



[GRAPHIC DESIGN] Ideating, writing and creating posters for Dubai Music School events

Took the opportunity to do some pro-bono work for the Dubai Music School’s events.

Used Adobe Ilustrator for these designs:

1. Sunshine Festival

Used a clipart of the sun and the microphone but created the illustrations of the headset and balloons.  The illustrations at the bottom of the characters, found them in an old children’s book, scanned them and inserted them into the layout.


2. Friendship Concert

Created this in Illustrator. Used clipart for the electric guitar and viola (or is it a cello?) – a melding of  genres to symbolize the Friendship Concert.

3. Music Fest Concert

Created in Illustrator. Manually drew the man and woman figurines, the microphone and globe were clipart but I added the colour and eyes to the globe for the smiley.